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Introducing MARVIN Air

the Swiss Army Knife of Air Quality Monitors 

MARVIN Air is ideal for renters, families, asthma sufferers, the elderly, and the health conscious.

  • 50% of US homes have hidden mold growth.
  • Infants exposed to mold have 3x chance of developing asthma.
  • Mold is a leading cause of death for the immunocompromised.

Like a canary in a coalmine, MARVIN Air can alert you of hidden mold growth before it begins to impact your health. Why spend up to $1000 for a mold inspector, and wait 5-7 days, when you can have DIY mold testing powered by AI!


headshot of pleased DIY mold testing customer “MARVIN Labs helped me find problematic mold I would have otherwise never known about. Recommend!” – David Head

Simply place MARVIN Air in your home or office and MARVIN Air will collect airborne molds spores onto the provided test tray. Drop the test tray at any USPS letter box with the provided return paid envelope, and we’ll use our industry leading MARVIN Lens system to analyze for over a dozen toxic, and allergy causing molds.

Just 24-36 hours later you get a detailed report quantifying the levels of the specific mold growth in your home, an assessment of the risks to you and your family, and recommendations to resolve your mold issues. If you’re renting, send this report to your landlord or the city to come resolve the mold issues!

MARVIN Air also reports real-time air quality metrics including Carbon Monoxide, Particulate Matter (PM2.5 & PM10), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Optional Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Humidity, Pressure, and Temperature. Compared with other indoor air quality sensors, MARVIN Air has far greater sensing abilities, in a portable form-factor.

Place your refundable deposit today. For just $10 more upgrade your MARVIN Air with a CO2 sensor!

Refund Policy and Terms of Service

Congratulations, you’re on the cutting edge! MARVIN Air units will begin shipping in mid/late 2024. By placing your deposit with us you’ll receive production updates and be the first to know when units are available for order.

MARVIN Air vs Aranet4

How does MARVIN Air compare with other popular indoor air quality systems? Like the Aranet4, MARVIN Air boasts a highly portable form factor, long battery life (with ePaper display), and a clean design. But it’s what’s inside that really counts!

MARVIN Air v2, the biggest innovation to DIY mold testing



MARVIN Air v2, the biggest innovation to DIY mold testing



DIY Mold Testing

YES (ASTM D7391-20)


Air Quality Sensors

PM2.5, TVOCs, CO, CO2

CO2 Only

Remote Monitoring

Internet (WiFi), Bluetooth

Bluetooth Range Only

Min. Sensing Frequency

5 Seconds

30 Minutes

Environmental Sensors

Temp, Humidity, Air Pressure

Temp, Humidity, Air Pressure

Mobile App


Aranet Home

Our Trusted Professional Credentials

InterNACHI knowledge was critical in developing our DIY mold testing and AI reporting technologies.


InterNACHI CMI knowledge used in the development of our DIY mold testing products

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MARVIN Labs is a member of the American Industrial Hygiene Association


MARVIN Labs participates in the Environmental Mold Proficiency Accreditation Testing (EMPAT).

EMPAT #1126447

MARVIN Labs is a member of ASTM International, an international scientific standards organization.


MARVIN Labs is a completed member of the Berkeley SkyDeck program

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Our Professional Credentials


Qualified Staff


EMPAT #1126447


Cohort Company

About MARVIN Labs

We’re a diverse team of engineers, scientists, and business people from all of the world who’ve come together to create cutting-edge technology for environmental services. Our team has decades of experience in environmental science, laboratory services, software, robotics, and AI that have made MARVIN possible.

Our vision is for a future where technology makes environmental monitoring more accessible, significantly quicker, and to the highest quality. We pride ourselves in acting ethically and morally to ensure we only provide the best services to our customers and theirs.

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