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Whether you need a few mold analyses a month or thousands, we can provide a solution for you. Our microbiologist team is ready to work with you!


Expert Identification

Identifies dozens of common benign, allergenic, and toxic molds with detailed reporting.

Cost Effective

AI and robotics that allows much faster analysis that traditional laboratories cannot.

*Same Business Day for samples received before 3pm Mon-Thu or 10am Fridays (PDT)

Joshua Leard – Air Environment (SF Bay Area since 2011)

I gave these guys a shot on the same day they called me and am happy I did. The team processed my mold clearance samples in just 2 hours, allowing me to rapidly notify clients of results same day!

Ramey’s Inspection Services LLC (Yelp 5 Star)

In my years as a mold/home inspector I’ve never had this level of service from a lab. Super fast turnaround and they actually answer their phones! Give them a shot and you’ll be as impressed as I am.

We pride ourselves on providing the most reliable services for our clients which is why we’ve partnered with FedEx for Overnight sample shipping from anywhere in the USA.

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How does MARVIN work?

MARVIN was developed over 4 years by our team of dedicated engineers and scientists to automate best practice mold spore identification and counting.

With MARVIN, anyone can perform highly skilled testing that would otherwise take months of training.

Fast Analysis

Aided by MARVIN, a single operator can process up to ten times more analysis without degrading results otherwise caused by analyst fatigue.

Superior Result

Human analysts only look at 25% of the total sample area, vastly increasing the risk of missing dangerous mold types. MARVIN analyses the whole sample area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we trust the accuracy of the MARVIN AI?

Yes! MARVIN mold was developed in very close co-ordination with senior microbioligists. Through this process we collected over ten thousand images of common mold spores, used to train and test the MARVIN AI.

Can I Buy a MARVIN System?

Absolutely! We believe mold consultants should be truly independent and have their own MARVIN to get even faster results to their clients.

Financing Available through our partner First Citizens Bank!

Do you do “Direct Prep” tests?

Yes! Although we strongly advise our clients to use air samples where possible for a higher quality result that allows MARVIN to calculate airborne concentration of mold spores.



About MARVIN Labs

We believe independent consultants should be truly independent.

We’re a diverse team of engineers, scientists, and business people from all of the world who’ve come together to create cutting-edge technology for environmental services. Our team has decades of experience in environmental science, laboratory services, software, robotics, and AI that have made MARVIN possible.

Our vision is for a future where technology makes environmental monitoring more accessible, significantly quicker, and to the highest quality. We pride ourselves in acting ethically and morally to ensure we only provide the best services to our customers and theirs.

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