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Think you have mold?

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We’re on a Mission to Eliminate Toxic Mold

At MARVIN Labs we’ve built a ground-breaking suite of products and services for mold consultants, businesses, and consumers to detect hidden mold growth before it impacts your health and your wallet!

Mold exposure in the home triples the likelihood of developing asthma in childhood

The EPA estimates 87% of toxic mold exposure occurs indoors in living & working environments.

24% of the population have a genetic susceptibility to commonly found molds.

Mold Consultant Solutions

MARVIN Lens, your AI Microbiologist

Our foundational AI powered microscope system for automatic analysis of mold samples. Provide same-day services to your clients, with your own in-house AI microbiologist. Over 15,000 commercial samples analyzed!

AI Lab Services

Run by our microbiology team, and leveraging MARVIN Lens, we provide same day mold analysis for air, tape, and swab samples.

Client Consultations

Would your client like to know more about their MARVIN Lens results? Our in-house microbiology team is at the ready to answer their questions


AI mold testing laboratory with microbiologist


Qualified Staff


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“I’ve never had this level of service. Super fast turnaround and they actually answer their phones! Give them a shot and you’ll be as impressed as I am.”

– Ramey’s Inspection Services LLC (Yelp 5 Star)

Commercial & DIY Mold Detection

Introducing MARVIN Air

Miniturization of the technology used by mold consultants to allow anyone to detect and monitor for hidden mold. Every MARVIN Air result is backed by our world-class laboratory.

Protect and Save

Whether you’re a home-owner, tenant, or a property manager, MARVIN Air protects your health, and mitigates property damage risks.

More than Mold

With Air Quality Sensors such as CO, TVOCs, PM2.5 included as standard, MARVIN Air can protect you from the other nasties.

About MARVIN Labs

We’re a diverse team of engineers, scientists, and business people from all of the world who’ve come together to create cutting-edge technology for environmental services. Our team has decades of experience in environmental science, laboratory services, software, robotics, and AI.

We pride ourselves in acting ethically and morally to ensure we only provide the best services to our customers and theirs.

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