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MARVIN Labs is bringing the power of AI to the untapped
$103B Environmental Monitoring and Remediation industry

Context: Mold and asbestos are serious health hazards in homes and offices.

  • Mold is a leading cause of death for the immunocompromised (10M Americans, NIH 2023).
  • Children exposed to mold are 3x more likely to develop asthma; 70% of US homes have molds.
  • 4.6M out of 21.8M people (21%) with asthma in the U.S. are due to dampness and mold exposure in their homes. (EPA and Berkeley National Laboratory, 2007).
  • Estimated economic costs of mold and asbestos related illness exceed $70B per year.

Problem: Professional mold testing costs ~$140K for an average apartment building of 200 units ($600 / home) and consumers cannot properly test for mold themselves.

Solution: Introducing the MARVIN platform, the next generation of mold and asbestos monitoring. Through the MARVIN platform we can reduce professional mold/asbestos monitoring costs by as much as 70%, and are the first to enable consumers to monitor for airborne mold in their own home. Our platform consists of three key technologies:

  1. MARVIN Lens (launched Feb 2023), patented AI powered microscope system for identifying and quantifying over a dozen toxic molds (and asbestos) from site air and swab samples;
  2. MARVIN Air (launching May 2024), world first consumer airborne mold detection device and service; and
  3. MARVIN Sage (TBA, 2024), AI agent for interpreting monitoring results and troubleshooting issues.

Team: MARVIN Labs is led by a team of robotics and AI experts (Jordan Gruber, CEO and Founder; Gabor Szijarto, CTO) and environmental services experts (Mike Nguyen, Chief Scientist; Doug Paule, Sales Director) who have 12+ years of experience in robotics and AI, and scaling mold/asbestos monitoring services

Based in San Francisco, California, we are alumni of the UC Berkeley SkyDeck program (top 1.5% of applicants), and backed by angel and institutional investors.

We’re currently fielding investment on competitive terms. Email us to setup a time to talk, or register your interest through our google form for additional investor materials.

Jordan Gruber
CEO & Founder